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Variable Flow Systems

2016 Dynamic Valve Workshop Overview


  • FloControl & FlowCon back ground & Capabilities

Hydronic System Balancing Overview & Considerations

  • Traditional Constant Flow Systems with proportianal balancing
  • The introduction of Dynamically Balanced Flow Systems
  • Benefits of Dynamic Automatic Balancing compared to Static Proportial Balancing.
  • Financial Comparison re. Capital, Installation, Commissioning and running costs

Variable Flow LTHW & CHW System Control

  • UK Hydonic System Development the introduction of DPCV’s
  • UK Hydronic System Development the introduction of Combination Valves
  • PICV’s.
    • How do they work
    • Accuracy, hysterysis & repeatability
    • Low Flow considerations
    • High flow considerations
    • Actuation strategy
  • Hydronic System Design Considerations
    • PICV & ABV locations
    • Valve arrangements
    • E.O.L requirements
    • Pump minimum turndown considerations
    • System vibration elimination
  • Putting the PICV to work
    • System and terminal unit Flushing methodology
    • System Automatic Balancing methodology
    • Performance verification
    • Actuation & Control

PICV’s for Radiator Systems

  • Benefits of water flow Balancing in Radiator systems
  • Radiator Valves with built in Commissioning feature.
  • PICV Radiator Valve selection
  • Commissioning PICV radiator Valves


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